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Better Member Engagement

At Prudential, we’ve created a unique set of tools to help your members plan for the future. Working with a team of behavioral scientists, we set out to identify some of the behavioral challenges that keep individuals from engaging with their plan.

The resulting methods have led to significant improvements in member participation. Our process begins with member outreach, and when we all work together, it ends with more secure financial futures.

A High Quality Workforce Deserves High Quality Investments

Inspiring people to invest in a retirement plan is a big responsibility. You’re asking your members to trust you with their financial future. So it’s important to choose a provider that’s going to bring you the type of investments that are going to be the best choice for the long-term.

That’s why we not only offer an open architecture investment platform with options across a diverse range of investment funds, managers and asset classes, but we deliver those investments in a way that match your member’s needs.


How Do You Make Today's Retirement Plan Feel as Secure as Yesterday's Pension Plan?

A full range of asset allocation solutions to help employees grow their assets—from simple options to asset oversight from an investment professional. We also provide an income solution to help both protect retirement income from downside risk and guarantee income for life.

Keep in mind that application of asset allocation and diversification concepts does not assure a profit or protect against loss in a declining market. It is possible to lose money by investing in securities.

Better Recordkeeping. Smarter Administration.

It’s no secret that administering a Taft-Hartley plan is significantly more complex than providing recordkeeping and administration for a corporation.

As a Prudential client, you can rely on a dedicated team to provide the strategic and consultative support that’s crucial to ensuring that your plan is operating at its most efficient level.

The result? Recordkeeping and administration that remains accurate, streamlined and easy for you to stay ahead of.

Remaining in Compliance

Life is easier when your retirement plan is in compliance with government regulations. Drop the ball, and things start to get complicated very quickly.

Seamless Plan Transition

Every aspect of the process is structured to ensure an easy experience—from the team, to weekly status calls, to plan design discussions and more.


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